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Ahliyah Jennette

Concept Artist & Illustrator

A Bit About Me

Hello! I'm Ahliyah and I'm a 2D Artist, with a background in Game Art and Illustration. I studied at CDW Studios and Flinders University graduating with a Bachelor of Creative Arts Digital Media, and intend to further complete my honours in the near future. I live in Adelaide, SA and I'm passionate about creating and consuming art in all forms and mediums. I fell in love with art and video games at an early age and have fond memories of playing 'Tekken' at the age of 4! I started drawing as soon as I could hold crayons and pencils, and haven't stopped since. These passions led to my focus in digital art where I have found my niche, and will continue to build upon and expand my skill-set and experience.

Work Experience

Mighty Kingdom

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